How Your HVAC System Collects Pollution!

The ventilation system helps to process and move air throughout your home and HVAC system. The indoor air ducts and vents take the air from the environment to the heating and cooling coils. Then, the ductworks redistribute this modified air throughout the indoor environment. Within this air circulation process, the air touches and reacts with the ductwork, floor, wall, and ceiling vents, and other shafts, including chimney flues or PVC ventilation for indoor HVAC equipment. Unluckily, this air carries harmful hidden contaminations like viruses, bacteria, mites, grime, and more.

The ductwork is designed to house the air that is conditioned by the air conditioner or heated by the furnace. During this process, pollutants stick to the air ducts and vents. Over time, the situation inside the air conditioning and heating system will be disastrous, as it will include pollen, spores, fungi, and even more, besides the pet dander, hair dander, dead insects, and more.

If you have not cleaned the ducts for more than one year or dust odors spread all over the home, ensure that your HVAC system condition is calamitous. We at Real AC Cleaning apply an inspection technique that depends on the Video-Aire machine. It enables us to observe the whole system, including the smallest and the narrowest ducts and vents, from the surface to the endpoint. So, we can show you what you are breathing now.


Green Air Duct Cleaning Service For Fully Purifying

We clean each part of your AC and heating system by using our cutting-edge removal and agitation machine, special advanced various-sized rotating brushes with long nozzles, and high sanitization green cleaning and sanitization detergents.

Real AC Cleaning experts near you will cleanse the furnace's squirrel cage, fan, and all accessible air handling components. We also will remove and hand wash the vent covers and vacuum individual ducts to remove dust, ash, and other debris. Our professionals apply kids and pets eco-friendly solutions and antimicrobial treatment throughout the system achieving full disinfecting for your vents and ductworks. Finally, we reinstall the vent covers. We provide step by step vent cleaning explanation before you purchase our free-estimate AC & heating duct cleaning services in Plano, Texas.

Breathe Easier and Get Your HVAC Unit Works Efficiently

Benefit from the duct cleaning method that works, and contact Real AC Cleaning. Our expert air duct cleaning mission guarantee to reduce the symptoms of asthma and allergies as well as other respiratory issues. Also, our technicians will improve your HVAC system's efficiency, potentially lowering your energy bill. Our pros will promote cleaner, healthier air that helps your family and colleagues breathe easier.

Real AC Cleaning also supplies the leading UV light installation service that has a super ability to sanitize each molecule of indoor air by the power of ultraviolet rays. Call and ask us about our air duct cleaning deals for 2022 in Plano, TX.


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